• We connect innovators with industry

    We’re passionate about innovation. We want to see good ideas become a reality by connecting innovators with industry to make it happen.

  • We connect ideas with people

    We believe in collaboration. Our capability alliance lets you access skills and capability through collaboration so you don’t have to grow alone.

  • We connect problems with solutions

    Australia generates great ideas for global problems. However we often lack ability to bring ideas to market. At TAMii we help to translate problems into solutions for global business opportunities.

<font size="5""><center>Idea Nexus</center></font>

Idea Nexus

Have you ever had a great idea but struggled to get it to market?
Are you looking for the next big idea but don’t know where to start?

TAMii helps identify and connect the right ideas with the right people and capability. We believe in promoting collaboration, as opposed to unnecessary competition. As an innovation gateway we facilitate collaboration and build partnerships between universities, researchers, inventors and innovative SMEs to identify and transform ideas into advanced manufacturing opportunities.

<font size="5"><center>Capability Alliance</center></font>

Capability Alliance

Do you know where you want to go but don't know who to speak to, or who to work with?

We hand-pick a team with the right expertise to drive your ideas from proof of concept to reality.

Our Capability Alliance of business builders, strategists, financiers, researchers, innovators, engineers, marketers and government lets you access the skills and capability you require so you don’t have to grow alone.

<font size="5"><center>Growth Mentor</center></font>

Growth Mentor

How can I grow my business?
Where can I find new ideas, resources and capability to drive growth?
How can I grow my business at minimum risk?

If these questions mean something to you then TAMii can help. We work with business owners and senior management to bridge the translation gap between innovative ideas and successful high growth businesses. Our proven process reveals your growth readiness, reduces risk and cuts costs to drive your growth aspirations.

<font size="5""><center>Big Gig</center></font>

Big Gig

When a big deal hits the table TAMii can react.

Fast tracking progress in terms of execution to the highest level of urgency and efficiency. This is when the TAMii leadership team move mountains.

Gigs like this go straight to the top as they have the largest economic benefit to the state.

TAMii principals have seen too many deals lost, mainly due to international companies not receiving the level of attention and urgency needed.